Alaya Family Dedication–Save the Date!



Sacramento Habitat for Humanity has posted the details for the dedication of the Alaya family’s new home on its Facebook page. You’re invited to share in their joy.  Click here for details.


 alaya_watchAbdul Alaya [left], watches another Habitat family’s home being dedicated last September.

He came to the United States in 1998 from Maydeen, Syria in an attempt to find his family a home where they could escape the brutal massacres plaguing the streets of their country. “I wanted to stay in Syria, but I couldn’t’ raise a family with all the killings- it was a very bad and dangerous situation.”

He, his wife, her mother, and their six sons will see their perseverance pay off and their dream of a safe, permanent home realized when they gather with Habitat volunteers, sponsors, and staff to receive the keys to the front door.

Click here to read my full profile of the Alayas and their journey from violence and hopelessness to a new life in our community.


Won’t you join me in making the dream of a safe, permanent home a reality for another deserving Habitat family? Click here—EGF

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