We Have a Winner!

All is revealed!

On Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day–as promised–I drew a winner from all my active subscribers, who will in short order be the owner of a brand new Kindle Fire HD.  Here’s how it went down:



Disappointed?  Don’t be–there’s another opportunity coming up, on Independence Day next.  While you’re here, just scroll up and register to win!

Happy tales!


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  1. Trisha Scott

    Congrats to the winner

    1. E.G. Fabricant

      How gracious, Trisha–make certain you’re registered for next time!

  2. Velvet McKenzie

    I Agree-congrats Robin B!

    1. E.G. Fabricant

      Thanks, Velvet – Good luck on July 4!

  3. donna harris

    Congrats to the winner!

    1. E.G. Fabricant

      Thanks, Donna- Best of luck to you on July 4!

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