Meet the Caus Family

Largely forgotten in media coverage of global turmoil is continued discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities, including Christian sects, in post-Soviet independent states.  With Sac-Habitat’s help, the Caus family escaped that destiny to enjoy the freedom to believe and worship openly in a safe, permanent home.  They moved in last Saturday.

As a writer of fiction, I believe that the best stories happen all around us—waiting to be told: Real people, with real hopes, dreams, and challenges.

As a former member of the Board of Directors and volunteer for Sacramento’s chapter, I believe in Habitat for Humanity. Simply stated, Sac-Habitat improves our community, one family at a time.I’m promoting my first short story collection, “Matters Familiar,” this holiday season. I thought, Why not help a family in need in a meaningful, lasting way at the same time?

MY PLEDGE: For every eBook or paperback copy of “Matters Familiar” sold during the holidays, I’ll donate $1 to Sacramento Habitat for Humanity, for a new home for a qualifying family. (For every individual e-story sold, I’ll donate 10 cents of the 99-cent purchase price.)

MY GOAL: To raise $75,000 to sponsor a complete build in 2013, on behalf of “Fans of E. G. Fabricant.”—EGF




(You can see more photos of the Caus family on my Facebook page.)


Silvia and Matvei Caus came to the United States from Moldova to escape abuse for their personal beliefs and look for a better for their three daughters and themselves.

SILVIA: In Moldova, there were no jobs. It is a very poor country and, as Christians, we were persecuted.

Here in the States, Matvei works in construction and Silvia works for a pizza parlor.  They and their daughters, live in a crowded two-bedroom apartment.  The Causes have long yearned to own their own home, but simply couldn’t afford it until they found Habitat.

The Causes worked hard to put in the required 500 hours of sweat equity to move into their new three-bedroom home in time to celebrate the holidays.

SILVIA: People at work ask me if I am tired, because I go straight from the construction site to work, but I just say I can sleep when my family has a home.

The Caus residence on Florin-Perkins Road was dedicated and they began moving in on Saturday, December 8.


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