Let Us Begin (Again)

Welcome to my new world!

I’ve been on hiatus since last Christmas. There’s a reason–I spent almost all my time caring for my older sister, Kathryn, at home through her last illness; helping our family and friends remember and celebrate her life; and winding up her affairs.

This experience changed my perspective forever.  Standing up for what is right, no matter what, is much less important than extending an open hand to others.  After all, all we’ve got in this shared life is each other. What each of us makes of that gift will be our legacy.

Track Blocks

As a result, I’ve decided to dedicate myself fully to writing and to be guided by three simple goals:

  • Entertain. I’ve loved fiction, especially short fiction, that moves me to laughter and tears all my life. Success in the Mark Twain International Writing Competition a decade ago compelled me to try, in the time left to me, to find my own voice and audience in this realm.
  • Inform. Fiction in every form—especially the stories and essays of my hero, Sam Clemens—has filled gaps in my formal education, mostly by focusing on the war between the absurdities and nobilities in our human condition.  As Mr. Twain observed:

“Man is the only animal who believes the Deity sits up nights admiring him.”

 Who we are, what we do, and what happens next make the best stories.

  • Converse. From national politics to the simplest transactions between individuals, we’re driven to shout a lot and listen little—which is both damaging and unsustainable. We’re awarded brains and speech to understand each other better and to put us on the path toward cooperation.  I want to honor that process, in what I write and how you react to it.

I’ve had my web site redesigned to promote these goals.  You’re cordially invited to:

  • Read and comment on my blog posts here.
  • Sample and purchase my first collection, Matters Familiar, or individual stories in your favorite format by clicking on the images at right or on the Stories page.
  • Subscribe to my email updates at the top or bottom of any page and get a free copy of my eBook, 15 Stories.
  • Follow me on Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; and Pinterest by clicking on the links at the tope of the page..

However we connect, I’m always interested in what you have to say.

Let us begin.


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  1. Da Mudge

    Tank you for da invite. I ain’t smart enough ta have my own web….we..Website, OKAY! Youse laugh at me and I’ll cut youse off at da knees! Capiece, capeach…capisse….. Understand?

    Happy ta be aboard to sample youse wisdumb.


    1. E.G. Fabricant

      Welcome, friend Michael!

  2. Da Mudge

    MODERATION!!!! I don’t need no moderation………..

    1. E.G. Fabricant

      MODERATION!? Who said anything about moderation? (If it was me, I must have been sleepy–or drunk. Again.)

  3. Hartfelt

    Welcome back, E.G., we missed you! Aloooooha!

    1. E.G. Fabricant


  4. Elizabeth Varadan

    Congratulations on your new site. I like mark Twain, and I also like your thRee goals.

    1. E.G. Fabricant

      Thanks, Elizabeth–I hope you’ll help me live up to them!

  5. Da Mudge

    Hey, E.G.

    Just dropped by for a quickie. Did a scan thru your Olympic bits. After going thru the attempts of your son, Beauford, I have a much better feel for the athletes and their challenges; which aren’t all physical. We all know they train but we don’t have a clue as to how they REALLY train. Early mornings, late nights, limited diets and social agendas. The public in general is clueless to the financial burdens on the families and the athlete’s search for a sponsor to help lighten that load. Plane tickets to get to meets and events, the lodging and cost of meals etc. You don’t get to the top if you’re broke, broke. This is not to say that only rich kids succeed……is it?

    1. E.G. Fabricant

      All I can say is that B. wouldn’t have been able to go on after college, were it not for the Army’s World Class Athlete Program. Just depends on who’s interested and where they are. If you remember the period 91-99–the “Dan and Dave Campaign”–those were the salad days for the Deca. There was a guy who was a senior vice president at VISA who was a big fan. He retired in ’99 or thereabouts, and VISA went wide. It’s just something every kid should have the opportunity to try–big church, broad choir, worldwide flock.

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