Jeanne Robertson & “Left Brain”

Busy Sunday night?

No?  If you’re:

  1. Above the 18-39 demographic;
  2. Married (or in a committed relationship–in the legal, state-of-mind sense of that word); and
  3. (Optional) empty-nesters–because it is, after all, a school night,

Consider joining us at Three Stages in Folsom to enjoy the incredibly funny and skillful story-telling of Jeanne Robertson for two hours.

We discovered her a few years ago on the Laugh USA channel on Sirius XM Radio.  (Voyages to and from GrandkidLand in the South Bay, and poor reception over Altamont Pass, provide extended listening opportunities.)

She’s 6’2″ (and, yes, starred in collegiate basketball), a former Miss North Carolina and Miss Congeniality winner in the Miss America Pageant, and has been married for a very long time to her husband, “Left Brain.”  Much of the yarns she spins are informed by their at-once affectionate and infuriating relationship, tempered by her lovely Southern gentility and accent.  Her appeal to me is that her routines are not just a cascade of punch lines, but rather well-turned stories that capture our nobility and absurdity in equal measure.  Call it Southern-inflected literature on the hoof.

Besides her ubiquity on Laugh USA, Jeanne’s the author of three books on humor, has produced six DVD/CD humor programs in the last 11 years, and has earned practically every public-speaking award there is.

Just checked; it looks like tickets are still available.  Here’s a taste of Miss Robertson:


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