Matters Familiar


Matters Familiar is E.G’s first collection of short stories, offering 12 tales from inside complex contemporary relationships featuring parents; kids; convicts; hustlers; lawyers; politicians; and other undesirables:


      • Ashley Alert:  A small girl, suffocating in the growing culture of fear around her, struggles to take the high ground.
      • Boys Will Be Men: A recently-divorced father sharing custody of his young son learns about parenting in an unlikely place–Death Row.
      • Chosen:  Adrift in his own life and desperate for a belief system, a young man finds direction and purpose from a surprising source.
      • Gemini: Two brothers try to make sense of their lives after their domineering mother’s death.
      • Intentional Walk:  A girls’ softball team rebels and instructs parents and coaches in the value of competition.
      • The Jewel of Genoa:  A retired cowgirl and her best friend resort to drugs, kidnapping, and interstate flight to escape the nursing home and reclaim their lives.
      • Medalists:  A vignette, after infidelity was declared an Olympic sport.
      • Meridian:  An amnesiac accident victim recovers more than his health among strangers in a small Southern town.
      • Pallbearer:  Two boys, one mother; two lives, separated from birth.
      • Pipe Dream:  A top-dollar attorney complains about the bill and unwittingly becomes his plumber’s Zen pupil.
      • Robbin’ Hood:  Worried about his sickly nephew’s future, a dutiful mob soldier finds inspiration an ocean and an age away.
      • Term Limit:  A scandal-plagued politician contemplates suicide, but checks in with his cousin first to sort things out.