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Eight Reasons the Olympic Movement Can Save Us

U.S. Capitol & Olympic Rings

As London’s 2012 Summer Games come to a close—well done, Brits!—I’m more convinced than ever that the global Olympic movement, if pushed forward and nourished properly, can be our nation’s and this planet’s salvation. I wrote a two-part essay a half-dozen years ago about our family’s experience with the Olympic movement through our younger son, …

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“It’s not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now. We’re going to have to recalculate how bad the damage is. The next offer will reflect the extraordinary losses that are piling up now.” –NBA Commissioner David Stern “Derek [Fisher, NBA Players’ Union President] and I made it clear that we could not …

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Missing the Point I

Prologue: I hadn’t intended to return to the subject of sport so soon, but the publication last week of the new book “exposing” Barry Bonds’ obvious use of performance-enhancing substances over time and the renewed media hoo-hah is too tempting. Unless you’ve lived in a cave since mid-2003, you’ll know that the Bonds case was …

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Missing the Point II

Picking up from last week: Responses and Round Two. His response to my initial message, published last week: HIM: “Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to write. I really appreciate it. I want you to know that I read your entire email and am impressed by your passion for track …

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Olympians II

Picking up from last week, he earned and we learned: He was elected captain of his university’s men’s team three consecutive seasons, which has happened one other time or not at all there, in a track and field program that predates the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He earned the university-wide prize for athletic leadership, given to …

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Olympians I

God bless Joey Cheek for taking the nobility of success in competition up a notch with the nobility of charitable purpose. God bless Ted Ligety for making our “major” sports-addicted media dilettantes look like the buffoons they are. (“Bode! Bode! Bode! Bode! Bode! HEY! Who’s that guy?”) God bless the women of the U.S. Olympic …

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