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Doctor King I

[Note: I promised last week that I was going to post a piece about contemporary speech. It’s in the can but it’ll keep.] It’s been 20 years now, so the day we’ve set aside to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., is just about as profanely mercantile as those already afforded the Great …

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J. C. = GOD II

How do I love thee, Jon Carroll? Let me pick up the count from last week: Community. The importance of living wherein one dwells is emphasized, by notice and example. From Grand Bay Area theater to street performance art, hospice to the Pickle Family Circus, causes great and small are made equally worthy because they …

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J. C. = GOD I

Hm? No—not Him; that’s obvious. I mean Jon Carroll, venerable and, I contend, “veneratable” columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. We interrupt this service for the following announcements: Hedge No. 1: If you are a humorless and voluble evangelical, I hasten to add I don’t mean the God, as in “Thou Shalt Have No Other …

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