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Dr. Barry: “The Internet Ruined my Diet”


Male addiction to Internet porn has gotten a lot of attention lately.  Dr. Barry Pascal has—if not invented—discovered a little-known online threat that is just as insidious: virtual gluttony.  (You can find Barry‘s comedy books for sale here.) Enjoy!—EGF   The Internet Ruined my Diet By BARRY PASCAL, Pharm.D. Humorist, Satirist, and All-Around Nice Guy …

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Dr. Barry: “The Eyes Have It!”


The third most common form of male denial—after erectile dysfunction and dying scalp follicles—is failing eyesight.  (“My arms must be shrinking…”)  Where there’s modern medicine, there’s hope.  Here’s Dr. Barry Pascal, with his own personal tale of triumph. (You can find Barry‘s comedy books for sale here.) Enjoy!—EGF   The Eyes Have It! By BARRY …

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Dr. Barry: “Happy Birthday to Us!”


Here’s Dr. Barry Pascal, ready and willing to celebrate the 237th anniversary of our declared national independence and—fortunately for us—able to clear up a few historical misconceptions about how we got here, and what it’s all about.  Alfie.(You can find Barry‘s comedy books for sale here. Enjoy!—EGF   Happy Birthday to Us! By BARRY PASCAL, …

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Dr. Barry: “A Bad Left Turn”


Help me welcome back Dr. Barry Pascal, fresh off a checklist of personal housekeeping chores that beset folks of our advancing age.  (He’ll cover those in a future installment; it’s a break for all of us that none of them involved the lower gastrointestinal tract.)  Today, he tackles another pressing social issue requiring his sophisticated …

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“Wherever You Are, Be There”


The California Writer’s Club, Sacramento Branch–of which I am a member–recently sponsored a non-fiction essay contest in which entrants were asked to describe, in 750 words or less, “The Most Influential Person in My Life.” Following is my entry.  As always, your comments are invited.–EGF   “Wherever You Are, Be There” On June 21, 2013, …

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Jeanne Robertson: Dee-lightful

As advertised, G. and I took in Jeanne Robertson’s show at Three Stages Folsom Sunday night. The woman did not disappoint. The centerpiece of her current round of appearances is the adventure in which she sent her husband, “Left Brain,” to the grocery store to get the ingredients necessary for her to rebuild her supply …

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Jeanne Robertson & “Left Brain”

Busy Sunday night? No?  If you’re: Above the 18-39 demographic; Married (or in a committed relationship–in the legal, state-of-mind sense of that word); and (Optional) empty-nesters–because it is, after all, a school night, Consider joining us at Three Stages in Folsom to enjoy the incredibly funny and skillful story-telling of Jeanne Robertson for two hours. …

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Support “Your Mother!”


  If you didn’t “Listen to Your Mother” last night at the Crest Theater, you missed it. Listen to Your Mother is a national effort to “give Mother’s Day a microphone” by staging local, live readings of original essays for, by, and about motherhood that are recorded and shared afterward via social media.  Thanks to …

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The Sun’s Trial Offer–Mental Decongestant


If you don’t already know how I feel about The Sun magazine, read this. Simply put, The Sun is: Topical; Progressive, in a wholly human, unapologetic, but politically nonpartisan way; Comfortable and superb in its prose, poetry, and images; Non-profit and tax-exempt, is its publication company; and Ad-free, and therefore dependent upon the kindness of …

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Dr. Barry: “If I Wasn’t a Pharmacist, I Would Have Been a…”


Today, Dr. Barry Pascal recounts the story of how the sight of Mickey Spillane’s obituary transported him into a brief, parallel career in another dimension.  (It’s not clear from his account who had to wipe up the drool off the pharmacy counter.)  You can find Barry‘s humorous works for sale here.—EGF   If I Wasn’t …

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Tom Diaz & I—My NRA Experience


Picking up from Tuesday’s post, Tom Diaz & I—The 94th & 103rd Congresses, and Now By far, the strongest impressions left on me by the whole experience came from our interactions with representatives of the NRA and their allies: This is not your father’s organization.  The chief counsel and I were invited to visit the …

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Tom Diaz & I—The 94th & 103rd Congresses, and Now


After I’d read, mostly agreed with, and reviewed Tom Diaz’ The Last Gun (see last Friday’s post), I was curious about his background beneath the usual book blurbs, so I scratched a little deeper. Turns out we had similar upbringings and nearly-identical policy experiences at the national level, where the issue of gun violence is …

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“The Last Gun:” Gun Violence, the NRA & Its Allies


Suppose we approached the problem of gun violence in America in the same manner as other significant public health hazards—such as, say, passenger vehicle fatalities and injuries—by using data analysis, science, and innovation to make a useful but demonstrably dangerous instrumentality safer? After all, data prove beyond dispute that death and injury from firearms are …

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“We’re Home!”–The Limerick Family


We see young couples struggling and say, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Sacramento Habitat for Humanity takes it from there–as it has with Brian and Ashly Limerick and their two children, Faith and Christopher. After investing over 500 hours of “sweat equity,” the Limericks received the keys to their three-bedroom, LEED-certified …

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“Gifting Grandmas”–Great Cause!


Along with eight of my cohorts, I was privileged to share my work at the Second Annual Gifting Grandmas’ Authors Luncheon at North Ridge Country Club last Wednesday, which benefited Sacramento Crisis Nurseries, an annual project of the Sacramento Children’s Home. It was a blast!  I read a scene from “The Jewel of Genoa“–my personal …

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Dr. Barry: Dollars to “Donut Hole”


Today, Dr. Barry Pascal takes a break from his usual comedic low road—well, almost.  He uses his combined experience as: A pharmacist for over three decades; A retired guy with a lot of time on his hands; and An old guy with enough infirmities to require medication to explore and demystify Medicare’s new drug benefits, …

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Dr. Barry: “Uncle Milt” & Strange Fruit


You’re going to enjoy the fruits of the journey Dr. Barry Pascal undertook after seeing a live performance of Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays.  (It’s especially timely because Billie Holiday’s recording of “Strange Fruit” plays a central role in my story, Meridian.)  You can find Barry‘s humorous works for sale here.—EGF Billy Crystal’s “Uncle Milt” and …

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Meet the Thao-Vang Family


Nine-year-old Nicha Thao now has a place for her fruit trees, and a back yard—for her unicorn. She; her parents, Chula Yang and Mai Kao Thao; her grandmother, La Vang; and her two younger siblings are the proud and grateful owners of anew LEED-certified house on 36th Street in Sacramento.  Built in partnership with Sacramento …

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