Monthly Archive: August 2013

Dr. Barry: “The Internet Ruined my Diet”


Male addiction to Internet porn has gotten a lot of attention lately.  Dr. Barry Pascal has—if not invented—discovered a little-known online threat that is just as insidious: virtual gluttony.  (You can find Barry‘s comedy books for sale here.) Enjoy!—EGF   The Internet Ruined my Diet By BARRY PASCAL, Pharm.D. Humorist, Satirist, and All-Around Nice Guy …

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Anthony Marra’s “A Constellation of Vital Phenomena”


Capitol Public Radio’s book club, CapRadio Reads, features a profound, timely, and moving selection when it next meets on Monday, August 12, at 6:30 PM.  (At this moment, tickets remain; sign up here.) Intended or not, Anthony Marra reminds us Americans that we are, indeed, exceptional—at least in one respect. Thanks to happy geographical accident—being …

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Dr. Barry: “The Eyes Have It!”


The third most common form of male denial—after erectile dysfunction and dying scalp follicles—is failing eyesight.  (“My arms must be shrinking…”)  Where there’s modern medicine, there’s hope.  Here’s Dr. Barry Pascal, with his own personal tale of triumph. (You can find Barry‘s comedy books for sale here.) Enjoy!—EGF   The Eyes Have It! By BARRY …

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