Monthly Archive: June 2013

A Scene From: “Gemini”


Two brothers, set on course to confront their estrangement after the death of their bitter, domineering mother… That’s the theme of “Gemini,” from my first short-story collection, MATTERS FAMILIAR.  (Sounds a little like Tuesday’s sample from “Pallbearer,” except it’s a generation later and different circumstances drive the dynamic.)  Jim‘s and Cary‘s father’s death from cancer …

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Dr. Barry: “A Bad Left Turn”


Help me welcome back Dr. Barry Pascal, fresh off a checklist of personal housekeeping chores that beset folks of our advancing age.  (He’ll cover those in a future installment; it’s a break for all of us that none of them involved the lower gastrointestinal tract.)  Today, he tackles another pressing social issue requiring his sophisticated …

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A Scene From: “Pallbearer”


Imagine you were were born 106 years ago, and standing in the shadow of Pikes Peak… Welcome to the opening scene from “Pallbearer,” taken from my first short-story collection, MATTERS FAMILIAR. It’s the tale of the lives of two brothers, opening on the eve of the Great War and concluding with the younger’s death in the …

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A Scene From: “Chosen”


Happy First Day of Summer! Here’s a way to avoid dreading those upcoming Dog Days of July and the merciless Central Valley sun: a scene or two from “Chosen,” taken from my first short-story collection, MATTERS FAMILIAR. If you like it, you can buy it or the whole enchilada; instructions at the end. “Chosen” is the …

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A Scene From: “Pipe Dream”


An on-time, balanced California budget!  (Insert your own cranky qualification here, if you must.)  Balmy, seasonal weather returns to Sacramento!  Late-spring miracles, by any measure. How about a few laughs from my short story collection, MATTERS FAMILIAR, to tempt you to read it in its entirety? You can do that in paperback or eBook or purchase …

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Free Story–“Timeout”


TIMEOUT was my entry in Round 11 of National Public Radio’s “Three Minute Fiction,” concluded last Sunday, June 9. Rules: 600 words or fewer; Not “inappropriate;” In which a character “finds something he or she has no intention of returning.” I took the occasion to imagine a situation in which a father–whose family has suffered …

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We Zany Irish!


If you’re not familiar with the web site Today in Literature, you should be. I’m a subscriber; occasionally, I use a summary of Steve King’s offering of the day to introduce my emails, with a link back to the full story.  I couldn’t do so with this week’s best—and maybe this month’s, if not ever–installment, …

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From Paris to Provence: Where Food is Life


CapRadio Reads scores again. Last Saturday, Capital Public Radio’s own book club pulled out the stops for its members.  We were invited to C. G. Di Arie Winery in Amador County to discuss June’s selection, From Paris to Provence: Childhood Memories of Food & France, by Ethel Brennan and Sara Remington.  Besides the usual book-launch …

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“Wherever You Are, Be There”


The California Writer’s Club, Sacramento Branch–of which I am a member–recently sponsored a non-fiction essay contest in which entrants were asked to describe, in 750 words or less, “The Most Influential Person in My Life.” Following is my entry.  As always, your comments are invited.–EGF   “Wherever You Are, Be There” On June 21, 2013, …

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A Scene From: “Boys Will Be Men”


It’s June in Sacramento–let the “Summer Budget Swelter” begin!  Eleven days until the Constitutional deadline for a state budget from the Legislature, and triple-digit temperatures loom. How about a little literary relief from my short story collection, MATTERS FAMILIAR, to tempt you to read it in its entirety? You can do that in paperback or …

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