Monthly Archive: February 2013

Introducing: “Midterms”


Another free–and very short–story is available for your reading enjoyment. Midterms was my entry in National Public Radio’s Round Nine of their occasional feature, “Three Minute Fiction,” in which they invite listeners to submit an original, unpublished story of 600 or fewer words which is “not inappropriate” and fulfills a condition set by that Round’s …

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Introducing: “Chosen”


You’re cordially invited to sample each of the stories in my collection, Matters Familiar. The third of the collection’s 12 stories is “Chosen:”     “Chosen” was inspired by my conversations with young people about their spiritual journeys and searches for a meaningful belief system in our fragmented culture. Given the subject, I gave in …

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Introducing: “Boys Will Be Men”


You’re cordially invited to sample esch of the stories in my collection, Matters Familiar. Second up among the 12 stories  is “Boys Will Be Men:”     “Boys Will Be Men” was inspired by the burgeoning problem of boys growing up without a responsible male authority figure in their lives and possible social consequences.  Also …

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George Saunders’ 10th of December: Warmly Exhausting


If this review seems languid, it’s because my brain and I are cuddling—having just concluded a taxing but gratifying bout of intellectual intercourse with George Saunders’ 10th of December. This is my first Saunders encounter and his fourth story collection since 1996’s critically-acclaimed CivilWarLand in Bad Decline.  The command of perception, humor, and satire he …

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Meet the Thao-Vang Family


Nine-year-old Nicha Thao now has a place for her fruit trees, and a back yard—for her unicorn. She; her parents, Chula Yang and Mai Kao Thao; her grandmother, La Vang; and her two younger siblings are the proud and grateful owners of anew LEED-certified house on 36th Street in Sacramento.  Built in partnership with Sacramento …

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Introducing: “Ashley Alert”


Today, I’m beginning a series of posts to introduce you to each of the 12 stories in my collection, Matters Familiar. Might as well start with Number One:     “Ashley Alert” was inspired by the cultural climate that gave birth to the “Amber Alert” system early last decade. (Has that much time since “Y2K” …

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Dr. Barry: “Behind Every Stupid Man…”


If male stupidity were fossil fuel, Dr. Barry Pascal theorizes today, we could all drive aircraft carriers with clear consciences. The real head-scratcher is why you females allow us to get away with it, with such regularity. You can find Barry‘s other humorous works for sale here.—EGF Our Male-Oriented Society By BARRY PASCAL, Pharm.D. Humorist, …

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Tessa Hadley’s The London Train–Stiff Upper Life


Tessa Hadley’s fourth novel, 2011’s The London Train, is sneaky, and beyond satisfying.  (Congratulations, CapRadio Reads, on a swell second selection.) First, a confession.  As is my wont with new fiction, I dove directly into the Kindle edition with no preliminaries—no research, no reviews.  A single recommendation from someone else works best for me.  I …

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Dr. Barry: “I Wish I’D Said That!”


It’s 2013, and Dr. Barry Pascal has words on his mind. Not just any words, but those that move and inspire us–none of which, he reminds us, seem to have been uttered by any Member of Congress elected in the last 10 years. You can find Barry‘s humorous works for sale here.—EGF   I Wish …

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Reconcile & Repair–Natives, Braceros & Plutocrats

Picking up from last Tuesday:  For Native Americans, it’s been complicated—no real apology yet, but their side’s leverage is improving. Native Americans It’s beyond argument, of course, that this continent’s original owners—a Euro-centered, possession-oriented classification they rejected spiritually—have been done wrong.  In early 2000, GQ magazine published the “75 funniest jokes of all time.”  Number …

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