Monthly Archive: September 2006

Wheels IV

Picking up from last week: Steering, biking, pedaling, and shuffling stupid. Drive-Thru. Marna Mountaineer spots good friend Jennifer Jaywalk sprinkling her front flower beds. Honks, hails, and stops; delighted, Jennifer jogs out and around to the driver’s side for a car-hop conversation – in the middle of the street. Both look monstrously put out when …

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Wheels III

Picking up from last week: Obnoxious? Let me continue to count the ways. STOP! As I understand the social compact, we all concede that governors on human behavior are required to sustain order, that those restraints must apply to all equally, and that all subject to them must observe them if they are to fulfill …

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Wheels II

Picking up from last week: Gadgets and getting off and on. Cell Phones. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls: I am less than deliriously pleased to report that, after six years of futzing, our California Legislature on Thursday the Gubernator a bill – Senate Bill 1613 (by The Right Honourable Joltin’ Joe Simitian, Democrat of …

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