Monthly Archive: July 2006

Jesus – Ecce Homo? – II

Picking up from last week: The rest of the alleged New Testament injunctions against swinging from the other side: 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10. The bigger picture in Verses 1-11, subtitled “Lawsuits before Pagans:” How can anyone with a case against another dare bring it for judgment to the wicked and not to God’s holy people? …

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Jesus – Ecce Homo? – I

As I said in the last series, context is everything. You’ve probably seen the same pictures I have – young evangelicals demonstrating in dark shirts, hyperventilating over homosexuality. Those shirts are emblazoned with “Homosexuality is SIN!” and under that remonstration are recorded the scriptural passages that make their case – beyond all question, I’m guessing. …

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