Monthly Archive: April 2006

Our Flabby Language VI


Picking up from last week: From Swirling to the bitter end, and possible penance: “Swirling.” Open your newspaper. Children swirl. Hair swirls. Rumors swirl. Scandal swirls. Weather swirls. All this swirling makes my head swir—spin. Synonym up, people! Talking Point. You already know that I’m partial to words favored by dead Romans, so this one …

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Our Flabby Language V


Picking up from last week:  From Rumspeak to Sufferin’ Suffixes: Rumspeak. The first month or so our venerable Secretary of Defense played illocutionary dodgeball with the press—that is, before we actually knew he was lying—it was entertaining. Now—since every other Beltway Bonehead and anyone else with intent to evade has picked it up—this “set ‘em up and …

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Our Flabby Language IV


Picking up from last week: From Naked/Nude through Rollout/Runup: Naked/Nude Pictures/Photographs. Are there any other kind? (I hereby pardon the late Rodney Dangerfield posthumously on this one, on grounds of comedic license and timing. “I was tired one night and I went to the bar to have a few drinks. The bartender asked me, ‘What’ll …

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Our Flabby Language III


Picking up from last week: Holy Macro! through Muscular: Holy Macro! And Micro-management. I’ve heard three recent NPR reports that are a puzzlement. The first was about buying songs downloaded from the Internet and the second profiled a Tahitian choir; respectively, they featured the words “micropayment” (i.e., less than a dollar) and “microtonal” (i.e.—Uh, I …

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